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Music of Experiments in Musical Intelligence
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After Albinoni, Adagio (strings, 3')
After Bach, J. S., Brandenburg Conc (orch, 21')
After Bach, J. S., Cantata (str/ch/solos, 25' )
After Bach, J. S., Chorales (371) (SATB, 16 hrs)
After Bach, J. S., Cello Suite (cello, 20')
After Bach, J. S., Lute Suite (lute, 8')
After Bach, J. S., Inventions (15) (pf, 30')
After Bach, J. S., Keyboard Conc (kb/orch, 21')
After Bach, J. S., Well-Programmed Clavier (kb, 5 hrs)
After Bach, C. P. E., Flute Sonata (fl/pf, 16')
After Bart—k, Kosmos (pf, 1')
After Bart—k, Bulgarian Danse (pf, 1' 30")
After Beethoven, Bagatelle (pf, 4')
After Beethoven, Sonata (pf, 10')
After Beethoven, Symphony 10 (orch/ch, 60')
After Brahms, Intermezzo (pf, 3')
After Brahms, Rhapsody (pf, 2' 40")
After Chopin, Mazurkas (56) (pf, 4 hrs)
After Chopin, Nocturne (pf, 3')
After Chopin, Variations (pf, 10')
After Cope, Horizons (orch, 10')
After Cope, Vacuum Genesis (pf, 4')
After Cope, Preludes+Fugues (48) (pf, 3 hrs)
After Debussy, Le Prelude (pf, 4')
After Exp in Mus Intel, Inventions (48) (pf, 2 hrs)
After Exp in Mus Intel, L'Histoire du Musique orch/soloists, 24' )
After Exp in Mus Intel, World Anthem (voice/pf, 3')
After Exp in Mus Intel ,The Ugly Duckling (orch, 22')
After Gershwin, Prelude (pf, 2' 40")
After Joplin, Rags (2) (pf, 7' 10")
After Mahler, Adagio (strings, 8')
After Mahler, Four Songs (sopr/ens, 28')
After Mahler, Leider von Leben und Tod (orch/soloists, 25')
After Mahler, (opera) (orch/ch/soloists, 4 hrs)
After Mahler, (opera) short version (2 hrs)
After Mahler, Symphony of Songs (orch, 30')
After Mahler, Suite for Winds (wind ens, 40' 30")
After Mahler, The Mahler Canticles (choir, wind ens, 14')
After Mahler, Three Songs (tenor/pf, 12')
After Mahler, Three Duets (pf/AT/ch, 20')