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Music of Experiments in Musical Intelligence cont.

After Mendelssohn, Song Without Words (pf, 3')
After Messiaen, Debut du Temps (chamber orch, 4')
After Messiaen, l'eternite (organ, 4')
After Messiaen, l'eternite (str orch, 4')
After Mozart, Concerto (pf/orch, 29')
After Mozart, Mozart in Bali (pf/orch, 10')
After Mozart, (opera) (orch/soloists, 3 hrs)
After Mozart, short version (2 hrs)
After Mozart, Sonatas (3) (pf, 31')
After Mozart, Quartet (str qt, 19')
After Mozart, Rondo Capriccio (vc/orch, 15')
After Mozart, Symphony (orch, 27')
After Palestrina, Mass (chorus, 16')
After Prokofiev, Sonata 10 (pf, 12')
After Rachmaninoff, Concerto (pf/orch, 48')
After Rachmaninoff, Suite (pf, 8')
After Scarlatti, Sonata (pf, 2' 30")
After Schoenberg, Eine Kleine Stucke (pf, 2')
After Schumann, Schumann (opera) (orch/soloists, 3 hrs)
After Schumann, short version (2 hrs)
After Scriabin, Poeme (pf, 3')
After Vivaldi, Signs of the Zodiac (strings/soloists, 56')
After Vivaldi, Violin Conc (strings/violin, 12')
After Vivaldi, Cello Conc (strings/vc, 13')
After Vivaldi, Violin/Cello Conc (strings/v-vc, 12')
After Vivaldi, 2 Violin Conc (strings/2 violins,11')
After Webern, Drome (pf, 1')
After Bach, Puccini, Mozart, R. Strauss, Schubert (songs voice/pf, 14')
After Bach/Barber, Prokofiev, Stravinsky Dedications (orch, 22')
After Grieg, Liszt, Strauss, Mussorgsky, Ravel (2 pianos, 16')