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Concert for Piano and Orchestra

1980, piano and orchestra (1,1,1,1,cb 2,1,2 hp, org, perc, str), Composer, 29' (recorded on Opus One #82)

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"The musicianship of Cope is well projected in the overall orchestration and solo work. Though Cope's music is generally of the avant garde school, it is the quality kind, such as the never ending gift of Foss and Dallapiccola and also Rochberg. The music is dramatic."

--Jack Shusterman, Composers Recording Society News, Fall-Winter, 1983-4

"Concert is gestural rather than melodic per se and achieves striking effects through a deft deployment of contemporary orchestration techniques. The course of motion follows a relentlessly defiant logic that intrigues and bewilders, unfolding with a momentum so intense that at times you may feel compelled to dial 911. Cope carries the force of the score with a precision that is both lyrical and riveting."

--Philip Collins, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Jan. 6, 1984

"Concert is a piano concerto, occasionally lyrical, it is mostly expectant, suspenseful. Certainly it is nearly encyclopedic in its collection of the very latest compositional and instrumental techniques, but it is also musically cohesive. Each movement leads to the next, and despite the diversity of numerous individual moments, the result sounds purposeful and unified."

--Fanfare, Sept.-Oct., 1983