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Bach Lives!...At David Cope's House

Awarded the Red Ribbon at the American Film and Video Festival
25 minutes, color video

"Extremely interesting...and well-made. The audio quality, critical in such a production, is excellent."

--Video Rating Guide for Libraries.

"An excellent production overall - exceptional audio quality...a good addiition to a music department...very disturbing in its future implication....outstanding in its
organization of ideas and points...spellbinding 'scripting', editing is excellent, compelling interviews...clearly an outstanding documentary."

--American Film and Video Festival Jury

"Interesting and easily grasped by anyone with a smattering of computer knowledge, this video would serve well as an introduction to artificial music or an example of creative artificial intelligence."

--Library Journal

"A refreshing exploration of musical style that is sure to interest emerging composers and performers. The lively juxtapositions of original masterworks with related Experiments in Musical Intelligence compositions, of scientific explanations and emotional reactions, and of human and synthesized performances make this film a welcome adjunct to introductory music history and literature surveys, as well as courses in Twentieth Century and computer music."

-- Linda Burman-Hall, Professor of Music, University of California, Santa Cruz Artistic Director, Santa Cruz Baroque Festival

"This informative documentary on the work of composer/computer programmer David Cope is an excellent introduction to the computer's ability to mimic known
musical styles, and raises issues relevant to any course in which musical style and musical authenticity are examined, in addition to courses on artificial intelligence."

--Dr. Fred Cohen Professor of Music, University of Richmond Artistic Director/Conductor, CURRENTS (The Professional New Music Ensemble at the University of Richmond)

Bach Lives!...At David Cope's House concerns composer Cope's venture into artificial intelligence and his great success at getting a computer to write original music that sounds amazingly like Mozart, Bach, Joplin, etc., a feat that has yet to be equalled by any other computer system. The video explicates the technology of the software Experiments in Musical Intelligence in a non-technical manner and takes a critical look at Cope's breakthrough through the eyes of musicians, concertgoers, computer scientists, and educators. They look at the Experiments in Musical Intelligence program's potential as a compositional aid, as a freestanding composer, and as an aid for studying the structure of music. The Experiments in Musical Intelligence program's potential for misuse is also examined.

The documentary shows the computer's works in concert (with human performers), including "imitations" of pieces by Mozart, Palestrina, and Bach (Chorale and Inventions). Imitations of Gershwin, Joplin, and Cope himself are also featured.

Bach Lives! is a rare opportunity to both see and hear the Experiments in Musical Intelligence program's unique music in performance. Ideal for those interested in music and/or computers. Well-suited to classes in music history, literature, or theory, and to computer courses dealing with artificial intelligence or music applications.

Available in VHS (in NTSC or PAL) or U-Matic (3/4") video NTSC.
Produced and Directed by Bob Giges.
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